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Jessica Brillhart is an American filmmaker and tech influencer whose longtime interest has been exploring the intersection of media and technology. In 2009, she joined Google's Creative Lab where she spearheaded numerous award winning shorts and documentaries before joining the company's VR team in 2015. Today she is widely known for her pioneering efforts in virtual reality theory and for her growing body of live-action VR work at Google.

Brillhart was the first person to field test the 16-camera Google Jump rig that was the prototype for the GoPro Odyssey. Since directing, World Tour – the first VR film made with the Jump ecosystem – she went on to create a number of critically acclaimed experiences that span genres from sports documentary (Go Habs Go!), to music video (Resonance), to experiments in machine learning and AI (DeepDream VR). Her work also dives into a a number of important medium and media-related issues, such as disability (Beethoven’s Fifth), cultural representation (Navajo Nation), and access (Conditions at Omaha). Her work has been showcased at galleries, conferences, and festivals globally.

Brillhart is also a virtual reality theorist, writer and mentor. She’s a contributor to Filmmaker Magazine. Her medium publication, The Language of VR, has been used by universities, various other education programs, and creators from all over the world. She’s taken the stage at Google IO, Oculus Connect, and The New Yorker TechFest; has worked as an advisor for Sundance New Frontiers and IFP; and has been a judge for ADC Young Guns, SXSW, World Press Photo, and the Tribeca Film Festival.



Vrai Pictures Co-Founder, Director |  1/2018 – Present
Mssng Peces Commercial Director  |  12/2017 – Present

Google Principal Filmmaker for VR  |  8/2015 - 8/2017
Google Creative Lab Filmmaker  |   8/2015 - 8/2011, 8/2009 – 8/2010
UVPH Design and Production Lead Editor  |   7/2007 - 7/2009
Apple Inc. Lead Creative, Apple Retail  |   5/2006 - 5/2007



New York University

Tisch School of the Arts
BFA, Film and Television Production
Honors Graduate (GPA 3.85)

New York University

Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences
Minor, Computer Applications

Cumulative GPA: 3.84, Honors Graduate



Works, interviews, and teachings profiled in such publications as Filmmaker Magazine, SHOTS Magazine, MovieMaker Magazine, The Verge, MIT Technology Review, The New Yorker and featured at the Sundance Film Festival, Tribeca Film Festival, American Film Institute, IDFA DocLab, Berlinale Talents, TED, and many others. Lauded as pioneer in VR by MIT Technology Review as part of their Innovators Under 35 list in 2017.

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